Shortly about us

Visitors to us can not only immerse themselves in the aromas and flavors of our wines, but also relax in our estate center and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Balaton.
In the middle of the "Genesis" vineyard, a picturesque landscape of Lake Balaton unfolds before us, all the beauties of which can be enjoyed by our guests while staying at our terrace.
True, we only process Rhine Riesling, yet our wines are extremely varied from vintage to vintage. The further variance of our wines emerge from different juice fractions, from different vineyards with their different soils, and from different maturity of fresh or bottle-aged wine.


In May 2016, as the "Sandahl Rezidencia", we launched our 4-room guesthouse, which is also located in the central building of the Sandahl Promo house in the "Genesis" vineyard.
Surrounded by a fabulous and peaceful environment, visitors are guaranteed to be recharged. The house offer the most beautiful panorama of Badacsony, one of the most picturesque slices of the Lake Balaton landscape. The rooms and furniture are of typical Scandinavia design, appreciated in whole Europe. With the rent of our rooms, it is possible to accommodate 10 people in 4 rooms.

A szobákból Badacsony legszebb panorámája, a balatoni tájkép egyik legfestőibb szelete tárul elénk. A berendezés tipikus skandináv stílust mutat.

A szobáink (4 külön bejáratú szoba) kiadásával 10 fő elszállásolására van lehetőség.